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These are poems written by Fuzzy Martian (aka. Amanda Diane Barncord Doerr, known to most mortals as "Mandy Doerr"). I've been writing poems since second grade, though the earliest ones you'll see here are from the seventh grade. The lastest were written in the past year and if I write something else, I'll probably update this.

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A Dance Through the Cosmos Off the Beaten Path
A Good Dose of Fantasy In Appreciation of Nature
Into the Tortured Soul Poems of Friendship and Love
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A Dance Through the Cosmos

The Great Symphony of Life
Sugar Structures
The Star-filled Night
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Off the Beaten Path

Suicidal Suburban Squirrels
Cubical Poets
No Prophet
Mommy's Silly Poems
The Laundry Monster
Obscure Sarcasm
My Hair
A Riddle
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A Good Dose of Fantasy

Lady in the Mist
The Hermit and the Magician
The Winged Horses of Pegasus
The Poetic Planet
Where Do the Old Borg Go?
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In Appreciation of Nature

Sun Kisses
Sun Song
Diurnal Rites
My Morning Halo
October in West Texas
Rustling Leaves
I am a Stream
A Crystal Winter's Night
A Windy Night
The Storm
Summer Storm
The Sun Shines...
A Night with the March Orchestra
Open Window
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Into the Tortured Soul

The Rose and the Sword
The Phoenix
Ego Shells
When Truths Collide
The Chasm
Let Us Play
A Gentle Soul
The Lost Child
A Wish
Filtered Light
Fever Dreams
The Reject
To Be Real
Deep Inside
Thought I
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Poems of Friendship and Love

Kindred Spirits
A Parent's Prayer
Memory of Dreams
Away From Home
Quiet Flower
A Poem for Lisa
Where Dreams Walk
My Search
To My Valentine, Unspoken
To Ann
Small Things
A Smile
My Friends
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Lights of Inspiration

Creative Good
The Seed
The World Inside
A Ray of Truth
My Little Victories
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Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr