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My Morning Halo
by Mandy Doerr
Listed in the Poetry Corner Database.

I wrap myself in my cloak
And walk into the early morning mist
The day's welcoming pink
Chases the darkness of night away
I find the stone path
Which awaits my morning ceremony
Hemmed in by ferns
Adorned with diamond sparkled dew
I lift my long skirt
As I step down on the flagstones
That open up onto
The fields of sweet alfalfa
I walk further
Along the moist cobbled path
Which slowly fades
Into a trail of pounded earth
I check the progress
Of the sun's daily ascent
And quicken my steps
To reach the hilltop of heather
I face west
Placing the sun at my back
I look down
And see a halo about my shadow
I smile to myself
The illusion which lies before me
I have studied
I know the angle required
To create it
Yet still my mortal heart fills
With enchanted joy
As if this was meant for only me


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr