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Fever Dreams

by Mandy Doerr

The summer air sticks to me,
As the locusts scream,
From trees thick with leaves,
Inspiring feverish dreams.

My vision of reality fades,
And I see hot, white sand,
Through a distorted maze,
I shade my eyes with a hand.

As I walk through the heat,
My body burns itself clean,
Turning me into a bare sheet-
A pure living being.

Soon, movement seems unreal.
I stare at the royal blue sky,
Wondering at this thing I feel,
Burning into my soul's eye.

I melt onto the scorching plain,
Spreading myself thin in the heat,
And visions, wild and strange,
Open their arms as consciousness retreats.

I awake, no longer a being of air and fire,
But once more in my body of water and earth.
Yet, to recall those rare visions, I desire-
For I sensed something I'd forgotten in birth.


Copyright © 1988, Amanda D. Doerr