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The Winged Horses of Pegasus

by Mandy Doerr

They fill the mind with visions of their loveliness,
With their wild, graceful freedom.
The Winged Horses of Pegasus
In Magic's Kingdom

For Hope and Adventure is their enchantment,
Beating clouds away with their wings,
And the Air is holding its best scent,
As the Flowers lift up their heads and sing.

The Flowers sing of the beauty
To see the horses against the sky
And no one can be moody
When beholding this sight with their eyes.

Pegasus, their great leader,
Leads this courageous group through the endless sea,
And they rest in a forest of cedar
That they might not be seen by me.

For I dream the dream of the Wanderer,
Heaven knows how I've tried,
To find and befriend one of these creatures,
And perhaps once fly through the sky.

For I believe no one has had the pleasure,
(Except the greatest kings and queens)
But it must give one rapture
To ride a great horse with wings.


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr