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Mommy's Silly Poems
by Mandy Doerr


My mommy likes to write.
She does it day and night.
She tells stories to our computer.
And prints them out on white paper.

I asked her one day,
What one of her stories did say.
She said that I was too young
To read stories which were so long.

So, I cut in half one of her papers,
And walking proudly, handed it to her.
Mommy's eyes went wide with surprise,
But she only asked me, "Why?"

"I didn't mean to do something wrong,
But you said your stories were too long.
But this one isn't, you see.
Could you please read it to me?"

She sighed and went ahead
To tell me what that paper said.
I didn't have the heart to tell her -
Dr. Suess writes a whole lot better.


I have a silly rainbow.
I keep it in my room.

On the top of my rainbow,
Is fifteen red balloons.

Under that you'll find
Six large oranges,
With shriveled rinds.

The next row is made
Of frozen lemonade.

And for the color green -
I have a submarine.

I worked hard on my row of blue.
It's made of smelly tennis shoes.

At last, there is my purple row.
A shelf covered in grape Jello(r).


Someday, I'm going to the moon.
I think I will leave in June.
I'm going to take crackers with me -
Just in case I get very hungry -
And a can of orange soda pop.
'Cause on the moon, there are no shops.

From the moon, I'm bringing back
A bunch of moon rocks in my pack.
I plan to catch a falling star
And put it on Daddy's red car.
Mommy told me not to bring back too much -
She already has enough to dust.


copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr