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Diurnal Rites

by Mandy Doerr

Dew drops on a spider's web
Wet sand at the ocean's ebb
Among the backdrop of natural lace
Diamond sparkles of fleeting grace
Call to my heart to join their play
At the genesis of the day

Opened morning glories in rich blue
Many marigolds of vibrant hues
Busy morning creatures scurry
To avoid the afternoon sun's fury
Nagging me to stop my dawdling
And join them in their striving

The noon sun directly over head
Reduces shade into narrow threads
Life hides from its awesome power
Waiting for some later hour
Until then let us take a rest
Arising latter to do our best

The shadows slowly reclaim their rights
Though the azure sky is still as bright
Mellow contemplation joins my actions
As I regulate my energies in a fashion
Saving for the evening's loss of heat
Waiting for the sun's eventual retreat

Twilight comes and insects sounds explode
With the clamorous calliope of frogs and toads
Then deeply settles the darkness of night
Keeping prey and preditor from using sight
The quiet creatures among us then begin to creep
Living their lives while the rest of us sleep


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr