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Obscure Sarcasm 
by Mandy Doerr

Proclaimed the aspiring ibis-headed Thoth:                  
Let not the plebian mind know the wonders of my intellect.  
Indeed, is it proper for me to lead them to enlightenment,  
Like Orpheus and his harp, leading the Argonauts?           
Let the Sirens have them, for such is natural selection,    
And I shall not blasphemy Darwin and his minions.           
The wind blows darker now
And my light--though intense to my sight--
Is only a small flicker against the firmament.             
Such illumination should not be wasted on dullards.        
My flame is meant for those who can decipher it.           
For the tempest is upon us                                 
And not even Prospero can contain it.                      

Let Thor hurl Mjolnir at me!
I shall not throw my pearls before swine!
Not even Ask shall receive from me!

I am not the Lighthouse
To guide Humanity through the Sea of Life.
I am the Phosphorescence!
Find me if you can!


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr