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Memory of Dreams
by Mandy Barncord Doerr

On a well worn path I walk
To a sunlit meadow
Seperated from the rest of the world
My steps are steady
Though my heart wants to run
For it believes you are there
The mind controls the feet
And reason says I will trip and fall
If I am not careful

To the edge I come
Engulfed by sun
I twirl with the butterflies
And then I run
Unafraid of the meadow's soft grasses
Until I lose my balance
And tumble down laughing
At my own giddiness

Then I stand
Brush the meadow grass off me
And turn around to look for you
Your smile
Your eyes
My heart leaps again
And I only want the comfort
Of your arms


Copyright © 1999, Amanda D. Barncord Doerr