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The Laundry Monster

By Mandy Doerr

The Laundry Monster has been vanquished today!
He put up a good fight,
But I put him away.

Almost a whole day folding
Baskets of cloth,
While children scolding.

After two or three heaps,
I had to do something else
To waken legs asleep.

At the moment there is just one load
Baking in dryer heat
In this fenzied abode

And a small dirty pile
To be taken care of
With a Monday smile.

My muscles hurt from repetitive motion,
But a nice hot shower
Is better than lotion.

Today the Laundry Monster
I did soundly beat
With joy my heart is astir.

The Dreaded Kitchen next week!


copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr