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Thought I

- May 14, 1992
by Mandy Doerr

I used to quiver at the words of the revered poets,
those dead and brought to life as supernatural beings,
But I am no longer swayed by their enticing images
of exaggerated moments.
Others read these to feel alive and above the average person.
They are so afraid of life that they must cut out a section or two
and expand it until it fills their minds.
Often they choose Death in the hope of out smarting it.
Then they flaunt their "enlightened knowledge" in front of others
and watch them squirm as they smile smugly in arrogance.
They think that by inspiring fear that they have hidden their own fears -
fools they remain.
For many years I was a watcher
.... I studied people from my cocoon
......... I read haunting passages
.............. I examined nature first hand
Once I wondered if I was a dead soul -
feeling nothing unless it was printed in altered reality.
Then the cocoon open and I started to enter Life.
.... I laughed
......... I cried
.............. I willingly faced my fears and admitted them
................... Allowing myself to become stronger.
The greatest thing I have learned is
that if you are truly unafraid of Life
then you are not afraid to allow others to be happy.


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr