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My Friends

by Mandy Doerr

My Friends, my friends, oh how you've been scattered,
To many a place that I know not of,
But let me promise you it does not matter,
For there's no way you can escape my love.

Some will go places I cannot visit,
Others will do things I'll never hear,
But it makes no difference, not a bit,
You're still the friends I hold so dear.

For love is ever reaching
And sees only the soul.
Thus it is always teaching
The way to happiness, its goal.

At night when I look at the stars,
I think of every one of you.
I wonder what has happened so far,
And if I am in your thoughts, too.

I am meeting more of you everyday
And I know there's many I have yet to meet.
Each of you are my friend in many special ways,
Though others shake their heads in disbelief.

One day when all of you are together,
And I am among your midst again,
I want you to meet each other,
To see why I call this person, my friend.


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr