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Creative Goodness
by Mandy Doerr

To be deviously evil is easy -
Practically anyone can do it.
Causing pain and humiliation
Is a rather simple task.

To do good with a sense of style
That is much more enjoyable.
To do it without being caught
Much more challenging.

When someone does me wrong,
I am rarely surprised.
Even deep betrayal
Only hits me so deep.

But there have been times
When good has been done to me -
Without a face or name
Of my benefactor.

My mind cannot rest,
When I have no one to thank.
How can I repay kindness
When there are no clues?

Evil I can ignore.
I will rarely stoop that low
And that gives me
All the satisfaction I need.

But being unable to do good
To those who help me,
Leaves me in debt
And I know not my creditor.

How can I quiet my soul
When it demands honor?

Well, I do something for someone else
And laugh mischeivously,
As they scratch their heads
For my identity . . .


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr