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My Search

by Mandy Doerr ghost lady

I journeyed through unfamiliar terrain,
In the general direction of my home.
Wandering paths that many disdain,
I often found myself walking alone.
Over boulders I slowly climbed
And through streams I stubbornly waded.
Though I had stumbled several times,
I ignored others who often baded.
For I was looking for something precious,
More valuable than silver or gold
That can be found on any queen's necklace
Or on the crowns of the kings of old.
What could I treasure so dearly,
More dearly than the sunlight above?
If only I could explain to you clearly
The importance of your love.
For it has penetrated the fortress I had built
To keep my heart from harm.
Washed away my walls as if they were silt
And all my defences disarmed.
Now the way before seems bright
Though there may be mountains and seas of foam.
I hold your hand and clasp it tight,
As together we travel home.


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr