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To My Valentine, Unspoken

by Mandy Doerr

If I was a star shining in the night sky
And my meager light should flicker and die,
Would you notice the darkness, my love,
When there are so many other stars above?

If I was in a prison, confined
In a horrible cell through no fault of mine,
With your busy life would your footsteps stop
Upon hearing the sounds of my tears drop?

If I was turned into a statue of stone
And you were to walk by my niche alone,
Would you stop and try to surmise
Whether the stone was the same shade as my eyes?

If I was with a choir of heavenly angels
Accompanied with silver carillon bells,
Would you hear my humble song
Among those voices, a thousand strong?

If I was brave enough to hand you my heart,
Though from your gaze, my eyes would dart,
Would you gently take it in your hands so strong,
Even though it was there for you all along?


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr