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by Mandy Doerr

Quietly I sit here
Staring at the screen
Waiting for my instructions
I'm supposed to look busy until they come
But I can't really be busy
Because I must stop
And then do that which I've been waiting to
Which in all likelihood will need to be finished immediately
And after I finish that another project waits
Until someone provides the information necessary
To hand it to me
They will probably wait until the last minute
And expect miracles
I try not to disappoint them
But I wish they would give me more time
I try to manage my projects
To give myself adequate lead way
But I have to wait on information from others
So I do what I need to quickly
And find things to keep me busy
Which isn't hard
Because when someone finds out I have free time
They decide to ask me for a favor
Which needs to be done
In the next thirty minutes


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr