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Sugar Structures

By Mandy Doerr

I look into your dancing eyes
And see amusement
Not of scorn
But of patience
Like an instructor
With hyperactive, curious students

Your gentle chuckle rumbles
Through our delicate structures
Of knowledge and theories
While we work in midair
Down to find foundations
For our assumptions
And fling theories
Out into the mists
Like blind spiders
Spinning sugar strands

You nod your approval
When we find solid ground
And sigh knowingly
As parts of our superstructure
Dissolves into the sea

You smile
As we worry about our mortality
For you know
It is only a phase
Of metamorphosis
A temporary enclosure
That blinds us
Until the cocoon opens
And we can sail
On our wings
Of immortality


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr