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A Windy Night

by Mandy Doerr

Lifting a strand of hair,
Comes a breath of air.
And picking up the pace,
It brushes against my face.
I turn into its wake
And let my locks be raked
By the onrushing wind.

Then stronger it weaves,
Shuffling the leaves.
Touching everything in its way,
Continuing the play.
It blows this way and that,
Ruffling the fur of a cat
On its way home.

Separated from everyone I stand,
With nothing but hope in my hands.
Then I stare at the darken sky
And humbly behold the stars with my eyes.
The moonlight sings a song so clear,
That only my spirit can hear
The sound of true peace.


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr