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For Starwing

Let Us Play

by Mandy Doerr

Come to me, my little one,
And together we will play
On an emerald hill, under the apple tree,
Embraced by the summer's day.

I can be an elephant
And you can be a mouse.
We shall have a lovely tea
In our flower petal house.

I will make the acorn tarts,
While you make pansy tea,
And we will talk of butterfly dreams
Under our tender apple tree.

If we ask them nicely--
Those pretty butterflies
May let us borrow their wings,
And teach us how to fly.

Then we can fly to the stars,
Play hide and seek with cotton clouds,
Drink from silver moonbeam pools,
And dare to speak our fears aloud.

Then let me hold you tight
And help you with your pain.
Nevermind the falling tears,
The world below needs rain.

Though my betrayal was not like yours,
It was a betrayal all the same.
I know the taste of abandonment.
I know the bitterness of shame.

I know the power of tenderness.
I've felt the need to heal.
The valleys you've walk are darker than mine,
But I know that they are truly real.

I wish to comfort you,
Though little comfort I may be.
For when I can comfort the child in you some,
I also give comfort to the child in me.


copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Doerr