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Suicidal Suburban Squirrels
OR "What Happens When I'm Sleep Deprived"

by Mandy Barncord-Doerr

Suicidal suburban squirrels
Skitter across the silent street
Seeking substanance on a Sunday
Something nutty - something sweet

Cadillac cruising carefully
Creeps between cracked curbs
Cursing the careless creatures
Who criss-cross the concrete curves

Silent once more is the street
Sitting in the sultry sun
Still silly squirrels scurry
While direct sun they shun

Careening around the crumbled corner
A candy apple red Corvette comes
Crushing a luckless creature
Creating a carcass numb

No agony is apparent
Among the active animals
All action goes on as before
Only now there's one less squirrel


Copyright © 1999, Amanda D. Barncord Doerr