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Fuzzy Martian's Lair

Long ago, at an air force base in southern California, a fuzzy martian came to Earth. She was a strangely quiet being, intent on observing humanity. Then one day, she FREAKED......

Moral of this story:

Proceed at your own risk - you have been warned!!!

humans have ignored this mirrored warning.

Fuzzy Martian's poetry.
Want to learn how to write your own poetry?
Rantings of a Fuzzy Martian.
Visitors Poetry Gallery.
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My Short Stories.

Free Pastels & Poetry Postcards
Scanned Stone Backgrounds.

Alchemiea Basica
Alchemy Primer for the Ignorant and Historically Impaired.
Compiled by Fuzzy Martian.

War of the Martians
See what Martian warfare is really like...

For more humorous stuff, visit the Original Lair.

++ Fred, my tribble ++
Fred the Tribble

Come see Mysteria's DUSTBUNNIES!

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The Real Fuzzy Martian.
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