Here are links to the homepages of people I know:

Sir Cal's Galactic Round Table
A fellow struggling author. Great stuff to read.

Skyline's Class of '89 Reunion
My friend Trela's website.

Lisa's Homepage
My friend Lisa's website.

Finduilas' Totally Breath-taking Website
I know her as FinKitty from the IRCs. Tolkien and fantasy award winning website. She lives in Nova Scottia and someone should really hire her as a webpage designer!

Darth's World
My friend from Germany. Nice guy. Fluent in English--even writes poetry. Has a pet rat and a thing for wolves. Used to have his own punk band.

Wolf-Friend's Poetry Page
Poetry about wolves and other stuff later.

Cheshire Cat's Critter Corner
Dedicated to the proper care of animals.

Lydia's Place
My baby sister ;-) Geology student working on her master's at OU. Stuff for her students. Pictures from several national parks (and links) and other things.

Snake's Den
Created and maintained by my generous pal, Diamondback, who made the Fuzzy Martian website possible. Very crude sense of humor, but a generally great guy (don't you just love alliteration?). Check out links to other people's pages ('specially Wolfshade's drawings) and telnet into his Renegade BBS.

Caine's Haven
I really don't know this guy that well, but he has several common interests with a friend of mine...Vampires (World of Darkness), Quantum Leap, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, etc. I added this link...

daedcat's homepage. Nirvana and Scoobydoo links.

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