The Truth about Fuzzy Martian

Mandy Doerr 1989 Real name: Amanda Diane Barncord Doerr
Born: December 12th, 1964; Edwards Airforce Base, CA.
Physical appearance: Variable :).
What doesn't change: Dark gray eyes, ivory skin tone,
and light ash brown hair with copper highlights.
(Okay--the hair does change a little on its own)
Personal information: Seperated.
Has two children--Jacob Wesley Doerr and Catherine Elise Doerr.

Computers, Stain Glass, Needlework (cross-stitch, hardanger, ribbon--
you get the idea), Ceramics, Poetry, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Bread and
Candy making, Gardening, Pastel drawing, Chemistry, the History of Alchemy....

My Attempts at Self-Definition ;-)

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