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To give you a reason every 15th to check your email.

We wish to share with you the many treasures we have come across on the web and part of ourselves. By doing this we hope to create something that will enrich your busy life and give you a reason to smile--or at least a few moments to relax. We're a group of friendly people, who hopefully won't take ourselves too seriously.


* Hints for writing. * Reviews of helpful websites for writers.
* Reviews of some of the more unusual and interesting websites to be found--dealing with almost anything.
* New Fuzzy Martian Poetry.
* Inspirational quotes.
* "Ask Fuzzy" - no advice, just information.
* Off-beat editorials by Fuzzy Martian
* Calendar of Martian events
* Anything else that strikes our fancy

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Due to the demands of real life, many of my friends who had wished to 
contribute to this newsletter have not been able to do so.  Because of 
this, I have decided to accept submissions from the general readership.  

The guidelines are as follows:

1) Articles should be around 200 to 800 words.
2) Minimal use of profanity.  One or two hells or damns is about my 
3) You must give me an email address to put with the piece--especially
   if it is something that will generate flaming responses.  If you
   aren't willing to accept the fallout of your writing, I'm definitely
   not going to.  
4) Subject matter should be PG-13 rated.  No erotica, excessive 
   violence (physical or verbal), or gore. 

The first two guidelines are flexible for exceptional pieces.  I am 
also willing to publish something I don't agree with, if it is well 
written and thought out.  I reserve the right to solicit another 
article from someone else to hopefully provide a more balance view 
of the subject in that issue.	
If you have any problem with these guidelines, remember you can always
start your own newsletter.  To submit an article, email me at

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