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Random Ramblings and Possibly Useful Information


Welcome to the FMFN.  The purpose of this preview issue is to introduce 
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		  Mandy Doerr
	  	  aka Fuzzy Martian


To give you a reason every 15th to check your email.

We wish to share with you the many treasures we have come across 
on the web and part of ourselves.  By doing this we hope to create 
something that will enrich your busy life and give you a reason to 
smile--or at least a few moments to relax.  We're a group of friendly 
people, who hopefully won't take ourselves too seriously.

* Writing hints.
* Reviews of websites helpful for writers.
* Reviews of some of the more unusual and interesting 
  websites to be found--dealing with almost anything.
* Articles on old fashion do-it-yourself-ness. 
* "Chanda's Chat" - A perspective straight from the Philippines.
* New Fuzzy Martian Poetry.
* One element of poetry defined.
* Inspirational quotes.
* "Ask Fuzzy" - no advice, just information.
* Off-beat editorials by Fuzzy Martian.
* Calendar of Martian events.
* Whatever else strikes our fancy.


 Fuzzy Editorial: Cold Medicines

You've all seen them.  The cold medicine commercial where some poor
person wakes up sniffling, sneezing, and hacking.  Then they take a
few caplets and ta-da!  The cold symptoms are gone and they are once 
again a productive member of society.

Did you ever think that the person may still be contagious?  In fact,
they probably are.  They come to work inadvertantly spreading their 
germs to their fellow coworkers--who in turn go out and buy more cold
medicine, so they can go back to work and infect those who were missed
the first time. 

Works out pretty well for the drug companies, when you think about it.
The more people take their products, the more likely they will go to
work still contagious, and the more people who get infective and have
to buy more medicine.  Of course, luckily for us, the human immune
system is a wondrous thing, or we would have one really vicious cycle.

Am I suggesting that these companies are running a racket?  Well, I
suppose I could agrue the point and accuse them of not promoting proper
cold care and having a disregard of the public's health.  But really,
would it make a difference?  We all know of people who would come to
work sick, whether they are taking something to relieve the symptoms or
not.  They wander around the work place in a fever-induced delirium 
with their sniffling noses and hacking coughs.  ("What do you mean, I'm
under a quarantine?  We'll lose the Johnson account if I don't come in!
Don't you realize that the total social-economic fabric of the universe
will unravel if I'm not at work to stop it!  *hack!* *hack!*  And you 
want me to stay here just because there are a few measley billion 
micro-organisms in my body???  Ebola is nothing compare the total
destruction of civilization as we know it!")

All I ask is that the next time you decide to go to work sick, ask 
yourself who is really profitting from your dedication?  And if you
have to go because you work under someone who thinks you should be 
like one of those people I described in the last paragraph--make sure 
you share your cold with your boss.  It's the least you can do.

"From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot 
before the other.  But when books are opened, you discover that you 
have wings."   --Helen Hayes

 Common Myths About Writing
from _The Scott, Foresman Handbook for Writers_,
2nd Edition; Hairston and Ruszkiewicz.

Myth 1:  Good writers are born, not made.

Fact:  People become good writers through wanting to write well and 
working at it.

Myth 2:  Good writers work alone.

Fact:  Good writers frequently rely on others for suggestions and 
help, and writers often collaborate to share ideas and work out their 
writing problems.

Myth 3:  Good writers know what they are going to say before they 
start writing.

Fact:  Good writers often begin with only a general idea of what they 
intend to say as they write because they know that writing is a way 
of generating ideas and finding out what they know.

Myth 4:  All good writers make complete plans and outlines before 
they write.

Fact:  Many good writers make only preliminary plans and outlines.  
They continue to plan as they compose, reorganizing, changing, and 
adding material as they write and revise.

Myth 5:  Good writers get it right the first time.

Fact:  Although experienced writers can sometimes produce good prose 
on the spot, for important jobs professional writers usually write 
several drafts.

Myth 6:  Good writing comes from knowing all the rules of grammar.

Fact:  Success as a writer does not depend on knowing grammatical 
rules, and learning rules won't make anyone a good writer.  Mastering 
the conventions of grammar, however, makes most people more relaxed 
and confident writers.

Myth 7:  All writers use the same process.

Fact:  Writers work differently, and the same people write differently 
in different situations.  The craft of writing cannot be reduced to a 
single method.

"What is a friend?  A single soul dwelling in two bodies."  --Aristotle

 Writing Websites

MPR's The Writer's Almanac
The Writer's Almanac®, a daily program of poetry and history hosted 
by Garrison Keillor, can be heard each day on public radio stations 
throughout the country. 

Writer's Digest
Every month Writer's Digest is packed with tips to boost your writing 

Poetry Guild
Poetry contest.

Poetry Society of America
As a non-profit cultural organization, the PSA's endeavors have been 
supported thoroughout the decades by a diverse membership of poets 
and readers. Early members included W.H. Auden, Robert Frost, 
Langston Hughes, Amy Lowell, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Marianne Moore, 
Ezra Pound, Carl Sandburg, and Wallace Stevens. It is not only poets 
who join the PSA today. Our members join because they share our wish 
to open up the lives of people to poetry and to build a more literate 

United States of Poetry
Poetry as you've never seen it before.

Fuzzy Martian's Poetry Lessons
(Have to plug my own site, don't I?)
An easy, concise tutorial dealing with the basics of poetry elements
and forms.

"Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the dumb can understand."

 Chanda's Chat

Chanda is a native of the Philippines.  She has written articles for
a local publication in her native language (Tagala).  Fluent in
English, she's looking forward to writing for us and we're looking
forward to her contributions.  

"True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable." 

 New Poetry by Fuzzy Martian
(can also be found at )

October in West Texas

Away from Home

The Hermit and the Magician

My Morning Halo

 Poetry Term - Assonance

"Curiousity killed the cat.
Satisfaction brought him back." -Anon. 

Even though "cat" and "back" do not make a true rhyming combination, 
they sound similar enough to create the same effect.  When you use an 
unlike, yet very similar sounding word to complete a rhyme, it is 
called ASSONANCE.	-OR-

"Duty is a very personal thing.  It is what comes from knowing a need
and to take action and not just a need to urge others to take action."
--Mother Theresa

 David's Do-it-yourself 

David (aka Paleale) is a very busy soul.  Once he begins sending me his
articles on old fashion country living and do-it-yourself stuff, I will
probably change the title of his section.  This was the best I could
come up with at the moment.  If you have ever read the Foxfire book or
"Mother Earth News", you will have a good idea of what he's planning to
write about.

As for our other contributors, we will just have to see what springs
up from their wells of creativity.

"Treasure each other in the recognition that we do not know how long we
shall have each other."   --Joshua Loth Liebman

 Great websites to visit
Love science?
Yahoo's list of really interesting science sites.  
Includes these cool sites -

	Cats! Wild to Mild
	Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 
	traces the natural history of the cat from wild, 
	exotic feline to pet.

	Wild Wings: Heading North
	track the migration of snow geese on the Internet.	

	presents weekly geological, astronomical, meteorological,
	biological, and environmental news from around the globe, 
	plus Internet activities and links to science resources.

	Stephen Hawking's Universe
	Fuzzy Martian bought the book--you can visit the site
	for free.  You'll never see the Universe in the same
	light again.
Research your thing?
WisdomQuest -  more than 23,000 documents including the complete
works of Shakespeare and much more.

"A person has two legs and one sense of humor, and if you're faced 
with the choice, it's better to lose a leg."  --Charles Lindner


Question: "Why don't you put dates your poetry?"

Short Answer: For the same reason the e.e. cummings refused to use 
capital letters.

Full Answer: I used to date my poems with the exact day I finished 
them, but after losing a few originals, I forgot the dates and could
only give a estimated date.  Finally, I decided that it really didn't
matter and wasn't worth the anxiety.  After awhile it became a matter
of principle with me--a way to express my rebellion from the restraints
of tradition.  Now, I just put the year I put it up on my website as
part of the copyright.  Many of the poems up were written years ago,
but if I had to, I could give a general time frame of what was written
when (I still have several dated originals).  However, no one has yet 
to convince me that it is really necessary to give an exact date.

 Martian Calendar
October 25th - FMFNEWS Preview; Daylight Savings End (USA)
October 26th - Forward Something to a Friend Day ;-) (Mars);
	       Shri Suryashti vrat (India)
October 27th - Pumpkin Day (Mars); 
October 28th - Chung Yeung Festival (Hong Kong)
October 29th - Akshay Navami (India); Republic Day (Turkey)
October 30th - Munchkin Day (Mars)
October 31st - Halloween; Free to Be Me Day (Mars); 
	       Prabodhini Ekadashi vrat Sarvesha (India);
	       Reformation Day (Germany - predominantly
               Evangelical communities only); All Saints Day (Sweden)
November 1st - All Saints' Day
November 2nd - Day of the Dead (Mexico); Melborne Cup (Australia);
	       All Souls' Day (Brazil)
November 3rd - Election Day (USA); Culture Day (Japan)
November 4th - Kartik Purnima & Guru Naanak Jayanti (India);
November 5th - Guy Fawkes Day (UK)
November 6th - Write a Hiaku Day (Mars)
November 7th - Day of Accord and Reconciliation (Russia)
November 9th - Cosmos Day (Mars)
November 10th - Tradition Day (Argentina); Repentance Day (Saxony)
November 11th - Veterans Day (USA & Belgium); Remembrance Day (Canada); 
		Shri Bhairav ashtami (India); Armistice Day (France);
		St. Martinus // Sint Maarten (Netherlands);
		Isra Miraj Nabi Muhammad (Indonesia);
                Independence Day (Poland)
November 12th - Compliment Someone Day (Mars)
November 13th - Robert Louis Stevenson's Birthday
November 14th - Children's Day (India); Father's Day (Finland)
		Republic Day (Brazil); Shichi-go-san (Japan)


Getting this email does not mean you are on the our mailing list.  
This is only a preview letter to introduce you to our newsletter.

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 Our Staff

Editor and
 in-house Poet: Mandy Doerr (aka. Fuzzy Martian)
                (mirror site)

    Researcher: Chet Mannel 

        Writer: David Koehne (aka. Paleale)

 Chanda's Chat: Julie Cabasal (aka. Chanda)

   Contributor: Jeff Matsushita (aka. Toki)

   Contributor: Todd Tripp (aka. Calpurnius)

     Collector: Mariah Sjolund (aka. Tiger)

   Contributor: Serena Greene

   Contributor: Matt Hubbard (aka. Diamondback)

 Copyright ©1998 - All articles are the property of the contributing
 authors and cannot be used without their permission.

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