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One of my goals in life is to be a published writer. I have been seriously working on my writing for the past year and a half. I have a few novels in the works, but I spent the last year working on some short stories. My plan was to get some short stories published and then use that success to help me get an agent to promote my novels.

So, I wrote some short stories and gave them to some objective friends to read. The most repeated comment I heard about them was that they should be chapters of a larger piece of work.

After hearing this several times, I finally gave up and accepted the fact that I am a novel length writer. Though I may still write a short story now and again, I've decided to concentrate my efforts on my novels and share my short stories with you. [4/18/98]

If you have any comments about my work, email me.

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Main Stories

The Color Walk
A fantasy piece. Published in the September 1998 edition of Elusive Reality.
A Gift in Kind
Sequel to "The Color Walk". Published in the November 1998 edition of Elusive Reality.
A Fatal Moment
This science fiction piece is based on a nightmare I once had. It needs more work, but I'm not sure what to do with it.
Fire and Ice
Another science fiction piece. This is actually the first story to be finished. Somehow, it developed a romantic nature, which really annoys me because I know if I had actually tried for a romantic story, I would have failed miserably at it. Perhaps I should take out the dream sequences . . .
The Hunter Sees
A supernatural thriller (I hope). I have an idea for two more sequels for this. Tell me if you think it's worth continuing.


Little Stories
These are little stories I wrote for some of my friends one Christmas:

The Wishing Stone and the Rainmaker's Stick
For Lady Kyleena
The Tinker's Tools
For Dinar
Paint of the Northern Lights
for Terza
The Glass Flower
For Kisaiya
The Jeweled Mask
For Kyleena's eldest son
The Jewels of Orion
For Kyleena's middle son
The Bard's Feat
For Kyleena's youngest son


Religious Stories

A Christmas Story
An anonymous story which I melded with the account in Luke for a Christmas presentation.
Hannah's Dinner
A parable of priorities, patience, and gratitude.
The Innkeeper's Wife
An opinion that I will someday make into a story.


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