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The Glass Flower
by A. D. Barncord Doerr
Copyright © 1998

Once there were twin sisters who loved each greatly. They had that very special bond that only identical twins can experience. One day, one of the sisters came down with a great illness. Every healer and wise person in the city was consulted, but none were successful in curing her. The other sister, though physically well, felt every pain and weakness as her own. Finally, it was obvious that death was the only outcome. The ill sister pleaded with her well sister to take her to the small waterfall near their home. As the sun reached its apex, the sisters talked of picnics and Mayfaires, havests and Yuletides. The fever burned until holding hands became painful. The sisters looked at each other one last time. "I will always be with you," promised the ill sister. Then her body began to glow until she was brighter than the sun. Her sister shielded her eyes from the burst of light. When the light dissapated, she found only a beautiful glass flower lying on the ground where her sister once was.


Copyright © 1998, Amanda D. Barncord Doerr