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The Glow Under the Stairs

You follow the glow to a room under the basement stairs. The source turns out to be several fishtanks with multi-colored fish.

Suddenly, a column of purple smoke appears, revealing a thin and sallow female vampire.

"Why have you violated my sanctum, human scum?" she asks.

"Um," you stammer, "you have some realy nice fish here."

"Don't touch the tanks!" the vampire warns. You nod and proceed to back away from this obsessive being. You bump into something, which topples over with a large crash and splash. The vampire's eyes bug out.

"You fool!" she screams. "You have killed my loaches!"

She calms down and then looks at you through narrowed eyes. "You have failed to grasp the lesson of Ed Gruberman," she says. "Boot to the head!"

You blackout from the blow and wake to find yourself leaning against the basement wall, outside of the vampire's lair. As you try to stand up, the world begins to spin.

"Whoa!" says a voice near you, "you better take it easy there for a few moments. She drained at least two pints from you."

Focusing on the white thing before, you find yourself facing some sort of skeletal midget. He gives you a sideways grin.

"Well, I'm off," he says. "I have a hot date with a zombie tonight."

Shaking your head, you carefully get up and dust yourself off.