The Dining Room

The first thing you notice upon entering is the meticulously set table. As you inspect the exquisite china and silverware, you come across a bowl of shelled nuts. You decide to have a few to take the edge of your hunger, but when you reach forward, a very sharp pain shoots throught your knuckles, as if they had just been rapped by a ruler.

"We do not reach over for our food," scolds an irritated voice. "We sit down properly and ask for it to be passed to us."

A bit bemused, you sit in the nearest seat. There is no sign of anyone else existing in the room.

"You call that sitting properly?" the disembodied voice screams. "Straighten your back! Both feet should be firmly on the floor. DO NOT PUT YOUR ELBOWS ON THE TABLE! Proper digestion cannot take place without proper posture."

As you feel the acid level increase in your stomach, you begin to have doubts about your ability to digest anything at the moment, and quickly leave the room.


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