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This is a place where you can just chat with people, who for one reason or another, like me or my site--or just like talking to other people. It is unmoderated at the moment, but that does not mean I will put up with slamming or other such antisocial behavior. Being creative is a plus, but not a necessity.

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My name is Mandy, though I usually go by "Fuzzy Martian" while on the 'net.

My favorite poet is:
Edwin Markham

If I could be any fictional character at the moment:
I would be a kyrie from one of Mercedes Lackey's books. Somehow, being a mindspeaking being with great wisdom and a penchant for story telling sounds great.

If I could visit any fictional place:
I would want to visit J.R.R. Tolkien's Rivendell and the Last of the Homely Houses.

If I could meet any fictional character:
Hard choice....either Benedict from the _Chronicals_of_Amber_ by Roger Zelanzy or Willard Phule of _Phule's_Company_ etc. by Robert Aspirin.

If I could spend an afternoon with any real person:
I think it would be fun to talk with Tom Clancy. I attended an online chat with him as a guest a few years back and it was great.

If I had the money to do anything I wanted:
I would help fund the Survivors Arts Foundation and build myself a nice little castle just outside of McKinney, TX.

That's it. After that, you can talk about anything you want as long as it is clean.
See you around!

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